Certified Practitioners

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Certified Practitioners will be available to assist manufacturing plants participating in Superior Energy Performance.

Preparing Plants to Meet Superior Energy Performance Requirements
Two different types of ANSI-accredited Certified Practitioners will support plants in assessing energy efficiency opportunities:

  • Energy Management System Practitioners will assist plants in implementing the ISO 50001 energy management standard.
  • System Practitioners will assist plants in conducting energy system-specific assessments and establishing procedures for continuously improving energy efficiency of that system. The assessments will be conducted in accordance with the following ASME system assessment standards:

Provide Third-Party Verification that Superior Energy Performance Requirements Have Been Met
Certified SEP Validation Specialists will serve as third-party auditors to verify that the plant has met the Superior Energy Performance requirements.

  • SEP Validation Specialists will assess a manufacturing plant's conformance to the (1) measurement and verification protocols and (2) energy intensity performance improvement levels defined by the SEP program.

The practitioner certification programs are currently under development. It is estimated that training for Certified Energy Management System Practitioner will be offered in May of 2011. Training for the Certified SEP Validation Specialists and Certified System Assessment Practitioners will follow in 2011. Candidates will be subject to a rigorous qualification exam and, once certified, periodic professional enrichment requirements.