Measurement and Verification Protocol

An essential element of certifying plants for energy efficiency is validating plant performance through measurement and verification (M&V). The M&V protocol will offer a best practice methodology to 1) verify the results and impact from implementation of the energy management standard; 2) quantify energy savings from specific measures or projects; and 3) track how much intensity changes over time for the overall plant. The M&V protocol will be designed to document normalized energy performance indicators, such as Btu/pound of product, and to validate energy savings so that reported savings can be used to determine carbon impact.

Application of the M&V protocol requires separate classes of experts who can maintain independence during the verification process. While this area is still under development, based on other certification models, a two-part system is anticipated:

  • Individuals who are certified to validate performance for a plant seeking certification (SEP Validation Specialists), and
  • ANSI-accredited organization(s) legally qualified to issue a certification to the plant based on the reported and validated energy intensity improvement and energy management processes.

The protocol will be piloted in Texas in 2009.